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Fortune Cookies Make Halloween a PR Treat for Your Blog

flavoredfortunecookiesThis past year FancyFortuneCookies has been working with tons of bloggers. All the bloggers have been doing such a great job reviewing our personalized fortune cookies and giant fortune cookies that I thought I would give them a little treat back.

Halloween, trick-or-treaters, we all pass out tons of candy. Especially if we live in a neighborhood with lots of kids. So why not pass out fun candy but also use it as an opportunity to broaden your business or blog base? If you are a blogger or a business owner that provides useful services to families and parents here’s an idea to get your name out there while passing out treat to the kiddos. And this way you won’t be the neighborhood dentist who inevitably gives out toothbrushes instead of candy… Party Poopers.

Personalized fortune cookies give you a chance to put a message about your blog or business and pass them out to the parents as the kids grab their candies. Since you can get 100 personalized fortune cookies for $38-$48 they aren’t going to break the bank, and you can even get them in flavors and colors. Kids love the orange by the way.

With creative little messages inside like, “Save a fortune, win a giveaway! Visit http://www.YourBlogAddressHere.com” or “Great products for moms, great giveaways to save you a fortune! http://www.YourBlogAddressHere.com” you are pretty much guaranteed to get a little boost in traffic and readership. Just by letting people in your own community know what you are doing. Communicating it in a fun and unique way is always a bonus. Believe it or not, personalized fortune cookies get a 92% read rate. Think about it, have you ever come across a fortune cookie and NOT cracked it open to see what your fortune was???

FancyFortuneCookies can also be a great way to promote your business. Back to the dentist with the toothbrushes… (Yes, we have one of those in our neighborhood.) What if you hand out a fortune cookie with a cute message inside like, “Our fortune is invested in your smile. New patients receive a free teeth whitening kit! Call Dr. Angela Greenaway, D.D.S 321-123-4321”.

With personalized fortune cookies, you can still have a bowl of Halloween candy for the kids and pass out the fortune cookies to the parents. I know when I go trick-or-treating with my daughter this year, I’ll be the one eating the treats. So if anyone hands me an orange fortune cookie personalized with their info, I’ll be the one reading it. Much better than handing a 15 month old little girl a toothbrush!