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How Fortune Cookies Are Made

“How are fortune cookies made?” is a question we get all the time.

It’s actually an ancient Chinese secret… and most of the time I laugh and say “Keebler Elves!” But now I will reveal a few pieces of the puzzle to you.

Fortune Cookies are actually birthed on high speed baking machines. First, our flavored fortune cookie batter is mixed fresh every day for each custom fortune cookies batch. Sorry, no fortune cookie recipes here as it’s our top secret formula! FancyFortuneCookies does use premium ingredients like grade a flour, raw sugar, and eggs. All our flavored fortune cookies are made with super specialized flavorings and food colorings. It took years to develop some of our flavors and our fortune cookies are very recipe specific.

In fact we are continually trying out new flavored fortune cookies to see if we come across something our customers would like. If you have any fortune cookie suggestions please let us know!

The fortune cookie batter is put on into a flat round pancake type shape. Here at FancyFortuneCookies we are a real live fortune cookie bakery. Every order is made fresh the day it ships out. Most of our orders are for custom fortune cookies. But there are many people who still order the Chinese good luck fortunes too. Regardless, we actually bake your fortune cookies right here in Indianapolis, IN.

HandFoldedGGate As the fortune cookie batter goes around the conveyors it is baked. For many years the hot fortune cookies where actually hand-folded while the fortune was slipped inside. But now the personalized fortunes are slipped into the fortune cookies and the folding system is also automated.

After that the fortune cookies need to be cooled, and wrapped. We use an entirely clear cello for our fortune cookies so people can see the colors or the chocolate dipped fortune cookies with sprinkles.

Many fortune cookie companies on the internet don’t actually make your fortune cookies. Often they are just re-selling someone else cookies, so to compete on price with the middle-man markups, they have to use ingredients that aren’t a good quality. Which is why most fortune cookies taste so bad. If you are ordering chocolate dipped fortune cookies with personalized messages, the fortune cookies are being made at one location and shipped unwrapped to another location, where they are finally dipped, sprinkled and wrapped.

FancyFortuneCookies New Gourmet Flavors

FancyFortuneCookies New Gourmet Flavors

FancyFortuneCookies taste so good because they are baked fresh daily, dipped in chocolate, and wrapped all in the same day.

There’s a little glimpse into how fortune cookies are made!


What to Look for When Shopping for Fortune Cookies

Drawing of a Small Fortune Cookie Oven

Drawing of a Small Fortune Cookie Oven

Type “fortune cookies” into google and you will get over 2.5 MILLION results! That just boggles my mind. Do we really need 2.5 million pages on the internet that talk about fortune cookies???

And with those kind of results, how do you figure out where to purchase your fortune cookie gifts?? How do you know what you are sending is going to be fresh and actually taste great?? And if you are ordering a giant fortune cookie, how can you be sure it will arrive in one piece??

Would you buy a pie that was stale and bland? Or doughnuts that have sat uncovered in a warehouse for weeks on end?

Here are some tips to help you make the most informed decision possible.

  1. Does this company bake their own cookies? If you don’t want your gift to tasted like the stale, bland, cardboard like fortune cookies you get in Chinese restaurants, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION YOU COULD ASK! If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t gourmet.
  2. Does this company use real chocolate, or confectioners coating? Real chocolate is easy to fake – in a photo. But when you taste it, you will know if it is confectioners coating, which is code for NOT REAL CHOCOLATE and terrible tasting.
  3. Is this company a Better Business Bureau member, and if not, WHY NOT? Any one can do business online, and make up anything they want to. They can lie. They can present mis-information. And they can take advantage of the uneducated buyer.

If you are looking to purchase fortune cookies, personalized, giant, or just fortune cookie gifts, get educated before you buy.

  • If they aren’t baking their own cookies, then your “tasty gift” is sitting in a warehouse, unwrapped, getting stale.
  • If they aren’t baking their own cookies, they have no control of the ingredients or facility that is baking your cookies.
  • If they aren’t using REAL chocolate, with real coco-butter, why are you paying for real chocolate, and why are they claiming they have a great tasting product?
  • If they aren’t BBB members, then they could be lying to you.

Here is an interesting checklist on fortune cookie companies. If you want to know more about where your fortune cookies are coming from check it out.