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Juicy Couture Fortune Cookies

You may be thinking that personalized fortune cookies aren’t a promotional item that is right for your business. Or that fortune cookies aren’t an effective way to engage your customers and promote your brand. Both of these assumptions would be incorrect.

FancyFortuneCookies aren’t your plain traditional fortune cookies. As a result businesses that use our flavored fortune cookies receive a better response from customers and clients because of the uniqueness of the cookies. Fortune Cookies receive a 92% read rate according to Wharton School of Business. Imagine that! 92% of the people that get a fortune cookie from your business will read the fortune and see your sales message. Some studies say that as many as 97% of people read a fortune cookie fortune.

Juicy Couture has ordered from FancyFortuneCookies more than once. Here are photos of how they incorporated the cookies into their store.

The employees carried silver trays with the fortune cookies on them. Inside the cookies were messages to the customers about their latest product promotions. Some even offered discounts if a purchase was made that day. It went over so well, Juicy Couture is placing their second order for fortune cookies with us. They didn’t go to a different company, they stayed with us. Why? Because we take care of our clients from beginning to end.

Fortune Cookies personalized with your sayings can be very effective when used to promote your business, services, products, and even your blog. Have you ever been able to resist opening up a fortune cookie, tugging the little fortune out and reading what fate has in store for you? I haven’t. I read them all the time. When the fortunes are especially clever or meaningful I save them. I have a whole collection of fortune cookie sayings and I’m even surrounded by fortune cookies all day long.

Custom fortune cookies can be used to promote a specific product. Mention the selling points on the fortunes. “Did you know the Audi A4 receives 5 stars in all crash test rating areas? Ask about a test drive today.” Personalized fortune cookies can help you to “sell yourself.” “Sandy Johnson has sold over 500 homes in 2009 alone. I would be so fortune-ate for my next sale to be yours!” Promote your business with a clever fortune cookie saying or special discount. “You are fortune-ate! Present this fortune for 10% off any purchase today!” You can even use personalized fortune cookies to promote your personal blog!

When looking for ideas on what type of messages to use, we are here to help. In 20 years of business we have encountered many different businesses and have become experts at meeting our clients needs and helping our clients create effective fortune cookie messages and fortune cookie campaigns.

Call today 888-776-6611! Let us created a solution for your business.


10 Indianapolis Businesses You Don’t (But Should) Know About

I moved to Indianapolis, IN back in December of 2004 and have discovered a lot about this city in those 4 plus years. There are some amazing local businesses here in Indy that people just don’t know about! But definitely SHOULD know about.

With all this “bail out” crap going on, I really believe strongly it’s time to support the local guy, instead of giving money to “big business” where our hard earned dollar is most likely just headed off shore anyway. Let’s keep it local, let’s support our city by doing business with our neighbors, and show the rest of the country how great our city and the mid-west really is!

LOVE Indy!

LOVE Indy!

10 Locally Owned Indianapolis Businesses You Should Know About (and Support):

1. The Coffee Break Company – This guy has the best coffee in the city! If you go and try it and don’t agree with me, I’ll refund your money personally. Rick is the owner and most days he’s in there working away. On the best days you will walk in to the aroma and sound of roasting coffee. He roasts his own beans! I personally recommend the Panama Java Estate (super rich dark roast) and the Highlander Grog flavored coffee. (317) 257-8222

2. WB’s Pizza – By far the “best kept secret” pizza joint in the city! I know Bazbeaux’s gets all the raves here in Indy, but I honestly can’t figure out why. WB’s does some incredible Chicago Style pizzas. Their upside-down Chicago Style pizza is my favorite and their olive loaf made fresh in house is addictive.

3. Fancy Fortune Cookies – The world’s first and only flavored fortune cookie bakery is right here in Indianapolis. They do personalized fortune cookies, chocolate dipped fortune cookies, and even giant fortune cookies! They’ve even got a “Horseshoe Blue” cookie in honor of the Colt’s. Custom fortune cookies can be great for tradeshows, unique business cards, wedding favors, party favors, gifts and lots more. Best yet, they ship all over the country, so if you need a unique gift… Check them out.

4. Details – Anytime I am looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member, I start at Details. This little boutique always has unique knick-knacks, gifty items and decor in just about every price range. Sometimes it is hit or miss there though, as a lot of items come from niche artists. Their Story People collection of prints are one of the highlights every time I go in. One other thing to mention, is they have the CUTUEST gift wraping/packaging they do for your gifts. You never have to wrap them yourself.

5. Just POP In – This little shop in Broad Ripple makes their own gourmet popcorn. They have all kinds of mouthwatering flavors and even ship if you need a gift sent to someone near or far. Owned by two twin sisters, they have great treats perfect for any party, office gifts, football/super bowl parties and so much more. Stop by this weekend and pick some up for your Oscar party!

6. Dyno Jaxs – I have to admit, I used to live right by this little place and went in to eat about once a week. IF you love Chicago style hot dogs, bratwursts, or italian beefs, this little place will not disappoint. They have great prices, even better food, and you will regularly see the owner, Jack, working in the kitchen. Fun atmosphere that is kid friendly, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

7. Taylor’s Bakery – Lots of you may know about Taylor’s but I bet even more don’t. They have two Indy locations, and make great cakes, pies and pastries. I swear that my regular Saturday breakfast there has helped me put on a pound or two. But their cheese danishes are SO worth it! They do great cakes for any type of event, be it birthday, wedding or something else. And even have cute little personal size birthday cakes ready to go – these are perfect for co-workers or your employees. Right now they have Mardi Gras King Cakes!

8. Jasmine – Thai restaurant on the northwest side of the city that I absolutely love and highly recommend. I’ve been to Sawasdee – which won on Indy’s A List – and have never been impressed with the food. But Jasmine has some great items on their menu. Their soup #24 with glass noodles is outstanding and they have a great pad thai. In the summer the sticky rice and mango can’t be beat for dessert but get there early, or call ahead to reserve one because they often run out! The wait staff is super friendly and all the food is FRESH.

9. IMA – Well, most people know the IMA exists, but when I am there, there are never that many people visiting. During the winter, all their regular galleries and exhibits are FREE. So it makes a great place for a first date, or just a unique afternoon to walk the galleries by yourself, with a friend or even the kids on a rainy day. During the summer they have the most incredible gardens! You can spend an hour, or a day walking, sitting, and maybe even reading a book out in their beautiful gardens. Make sure you stop by the garden shop too!

10. Smallbox Web Design – In the days of social media and internet businesses as well as internet marketing you need someone good to build, restructure or tweak your website. Here is something they completed last year in the ecommerce realm.


P.S. Big shout out to Dr. Thomas of Chateau Thomas Winery for the invite to the Oscars!

What to Look for When Shopping for Fortune Cookies

Drawing of a Small Fortune Cookie Oven

Drawing of a Small Fortune Cookie Oven

Type “fortune cookies” into google and you will get over 2.5 MILLION results! That just boggles my mind. Do we really need 2.5 million pages on the internet that talk about fortune cookies???

And with those kind of results, how do you figure out where to purchase your fortune cookie gifts?? How do you know what you are sending is going to be fresh and actually taste great?? And if you are ordering a giant fortune cookie, how can you be sure it will arrive in one piece??

Would you buy a pie that was stale and bland? Or doughnuts that have sat uncovered in a warehouse for weeks on end?

Here are some tips to help you make the most informed decision possible.

  1. Does this company bake their own cookies? If you don’t want your gift to tasted like the stale, bland, cardboard like fortune cookies you get in Chinese restaurants, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION YOU COULD ASK! If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t gourmet.
  2. Does this company use real chocolate, or confectioners coating? Real chocolate is easy to fake – in a photo. But when you taste it, you will know if it is confectioners coating, which is code for NOT REAL CHOCOLATE and terrible tasting.
  3. Is this company a Better Business Bureau member, and if not, WHY NOT? Any one can do business online, and make up anything they want to. They can lie. They can present mis-information. And they can take advantage of the uneducated buyer.

If you are looking to purchase fortune cookies, personalized, giant, or just fortune cookie gifts, get educated before you buy.

  • If they aren’t baking their own cookies, then your “tasty gift” is sitting in a warehouse, unwrapped, getting stale.
  • If they aren’t baking their own cookies, they have no control of the ingredients or facility that is baking your cookies.
  • If they aren’t using REAL chocolate, with real coco-butter, why are you paying for real chocolate, and why are they claiming they have a great tasting product?
  • If they aren’t BBB members, then they could be lying to you.

Here is an interesting checklist on fortune cookie companies. If you want to know more about where your fortune cookies are coming from check it out.

Love Them Up – Keep Them Forever

Received this great feedback from a customer today who also did a post about great customer service on her blog. Lori’s company is “Love Them Up & Keep Them Forever.” And judging by the content of her blog all on Customer Service Through Connection, she has a lot of useful skills and advice to offer individuals and business owners.

What do you think is going to differentiate you and your company from all the other businesses and sales people offering the same things???

Customer Service

Right now the only thing that is going to differentiate and put you one step above your competition is your level of customer service. You may get a customer to be your customer one time through mediocre service, but you won’t keep your customer as a customer for very long.

Here is a link to Love Them Up & Keep Them Forever.

Keeping your customers coming to you again and again is the most valuable long term investment you can make. It’s the LIFETIME value of the client that matters. You can’t be depending on the one time transaction.

Here is Lori’s response to the survey she writes about in her blog:

Hi Erin ~ I’m so sorry that I neglected to respond to your survey. I was so pleased to receive it that I wrote about it on my customer service blog at It’s a great example of how to let customers know you care about their needs and to get the much-needed feedback that helps you keep things running smoothly. The fortune cookies worked out wonderfully for us. We didn’t use them for an event, we used them for a promotion. I’m a big fan of “guerilla marketing” and the cookies went out with a video demo reel of our tv studio’s work. Our clients have responded wonderfully and I’ll personally send you a sample of how we used them. Thank you so much for your lovely follow up. Take care, Lori Jo Vest Managing Director Communicore Visual Communications Check out our youtube channel at

Thank your clients! Once you bond and actually get the transaction, it’s little things that make the difference. Send a thank you note. If it’s a big deal, send them a little gift. And make it something that will stand out and really be noticed. Like personalized fortune cookies. Or a giant fortune cookie. Give them a reason to want to do business with you again, and again and again and again.

That’s the only way to build a successful business and keep it from failing.

Shocking 95% Direct Mail Response

The toughest job most businesses face today is reaching your prospect or target market with with your message. Whether your are trying to generate new business or get people to RSVP for a charity dinner, unless you stand out from the rest of the clutter your prospects will never see it. Let alone respond.

A dimensional mailer, think of an envelope with an ink pen in it, is one of the most effective ways to reach a prospect. I would highly suggest every business owner out there test some sort of dimensional mailer. An average mailer will generate an 8% response rate and ranks 2nd for Return On Investment. So what if you could get a 30% response, or even a 95% response rate?

Don’t believe it’s possible? Keep reading.

Pam Anderson – not of Baywatch fame – from the Indiana Roof Ballroom, one of the Midwest’s premiere entertainment venues and banquet facilities, was looking for a unique way to promote its annual patron’s dinner. She called us and decided to go with our “baby giant” fortune cookies to send out invitations to the event.

Here’s the invitation:

The Astounding Results…

95% Of The 400 People Invited, Responded!!!

A local Indianapolis Star reporter who was covering the event couldn’t believe the claims, so he talked to Pam and was shocked. Even though the RSVP date was over a month and a half away, 95% of the invitees had already responded.

For more tips and tricks on dimensional mailers click here.