About Me

My name is Erin, I work at a fortune cookie bakery, and I have a problem. First, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Second, not enough people understand how valuable a tool personalized fortune cookies can be. Third, my 3 month old daughter just peed on my lap and I have an appointment later today…. Well I think I just listed more than one problem, but the blog is here to deal with problem number two.

A little about the company – Fancy Fortune Cookies has been in business for 20 years. We were the first fortune cookie company on the web and Mike Fry, CEO & Founder, is the first non-Chinese person to actually bake all his own fortune cookies.

Everything we do here at our bakery is specific to each of our clients needs. If you are having a wedding and need a fun, unusual but still economical wedding favor, I have ideas for you. If your a fortune 500 company that needs ideas for corporate holiday gifting, I have a solution for you. If your an agency looking to help your clients build or promote their brand at a deeper level, boy do I have something proven to boost brand awareness for you


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