Win Free Personalized Fortune Cookies – Share Your Story

6822_154696401445_44222841445_2897858_4708458_a 100 Wishes in 100 Days

Dear Fan and Friend,

I am celebrating… and because of this I want to do something SPECIAL!

What am I celebrating?

This year marks our 20th YEAR as a fortune cookie company, inventor, manufacturer, and innovator.
Mike Fry came up with his CRAZY idea for gourmet flavors in fortune cookies in late 1987.

Today our company, Fancy Fortune Cookies, manufactures 23 different flavors of these well-known and fun cookie treats. In fact, we customize our colored, flavored fortune cookies for companies and people all over the world, even offering customers the opportunity to create personalized messages to go inside.

Oh yeah, and did I mention we also offer chocolate covered fortune cookies?…And an assortment of mouth-watering sprinkles to go on top?

My Big Idea … and GIFT

So I’ve spent months trying to figure out the best way to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a wild and crazy fortune cookie innovator and to share it with you, Fancy Fortune Cookie’s VALUED friends and fans.

We think we finally came up with it two days ago in my favorite brainstorming place in the world:

My Starbucks Bombshell

While gulping down a venti coffee at Starbucks the other morning, the solution hit me. I smiled big and knew this was the idea I was looking for:

I’m calling it “100 Wishes In 100 Days”

Here’s how it will work…

I’m going to give away 100 fortune cookies with any customized, personalized messages you want inside to 100 lucky members of the Fancy Fortune Cookie Facebook Fan Page. (A $60.00 value!)

That’s right. I’m granting, FREE of charge, 100 fortune cookies you can use to create a special memory or event, or to give as an unexpected gift to someone who DESERVES it. We aren’t just doing this ONCE – We are doing this every day for the next 100 days! So your chances of winning 100 free personalized fortune cookies is pretty good!

And I will even pay the shipping!!

Choose Your Wish Wisely

Everyday my team here at Fancy Fortune Cookies will review all wishes that get posted here to this page. They must be posted on the wall (please, no emails).

Your wish to get your 100 free cookies can be anything you want it to be.

Your BIG WISH can be to use these cookies to…

• Thank a friend for a special thing they did for you
• Cheer up your workplace
• Support a cause dear to your heart
• Send to a loved one in a distant place or country
• Serve as wedding favors for you or a special couple that could REALLY USE some
• Give out at your church for a special event
• Put silly jokes inside and give out to kids (or adults!) at a special party or charity event
• Cheer up someone up who is down or ill
• Say thank you to someone who has helped you in your life
• Send it to support our troops on deployment

Better Words Create Better Chances

Now listen up. This is important. You can request the free fortune cookies for ANYTHING you want. But what I want most of all is for my 100 WISHES fortune cookies to be used for people, causes, and events that really DESERVE and can USE the FREE fortune cookies to make a difference in their lives, cheer up their day, or create a magical moment they’ll never forget.

So be ready to write your wish from the heart.

How it works:

• You’ll simply post your WISH on the Fancy Fortune Cookies Facebook Fan Page wall. It can be as long or short as you want. But remember, please make sure your WISH is worthy, as I hope to give away each of these 100 WISHES to really great people, causes, and events. It’s my way to “Pay It Forward!”
• You may post more than one wish.
• You may also post a photo that goes along with your WISH if you want.
• My staff will select 1 lucky winner a day, who will have his or her wish granted.
• Note that you do not have to post your same wish twice. Once we’ve seen your wish, it will be printed off and put with others, so my team will always have access to all the wishes that have come through. (In other words, your wish won’t “expire” once posted.)
• We will be collecting wishes both from this Facebook Fan Page, as well as the one for Happy the Hobo. (Yes, that’s me! — I had my own children’s television show from 1982 until 1990, and a ton of my former viewers have joined me here on Facebook I’m also extending this offer to them.)

I hope you’ll consider thinking of someone or something that NEEDS and DESERVES these free fancy fortune cookies and post your wish on my wall.

Make Your Life Memorable,

Mike Fry
Wish Granter at Fancy Fortune Cookies

P.S. Wish #1 gets granted on Thursday, October 1. My team will choose one WISH every day for 100 days!!! Hope you make “your wish” come true for someone you love or needs a little inspiration, hope, or fun in their life.


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