Martha Stewart Uses Custom Fancy Fortune Cookies

Martha Stewart Uses Fancy Fortune Cookies

Martha Stewart Uses Fancy Fortune Cookies

This morning Martha Stewart on the Martha Stewart Show interviewed Jennifer 8 Lee, the author of New York Times bestseller Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food. Jennifer Lee talked about fortune cookies in her book and needed a custom fortune cookie for Martha to open and read at the end of the segment.

Read More about it HERE.

Since Jennifer 8 Lee interviewed and even visited a few different fortune cookie companies for her book, she contacted at least 3 of those companies to get the  custom cookies she needed for the show. The only company that called her back was Fancy Fortune Cookies.

Fancy Fortune Cookies created a custom message for Martha Stewart to open and read on her show. The fortune saying entitled the audience to a free $25.00 lunch at Chinatown Brasserie in downtown New York. Then baked and shipped the custom fortune cookies the same day! Talk about a great fortune cookie coupon.

Fancy Fortune Cookies is a small family owned fortune cookie bakery that specializes in flavored and colored fortune cookies. They also have the largest fortune cookie in America. Their giant fortune cookies are all hand made fresh to order and weigh over ONE POUND. Giant fortune cookies make a great edible gift for all types of occasions.

Both Martha Stewart and Martha Stewart Weddings have used custom fortune cookies by Fancy Fortune Cookies. We have also done fortune cookies for Oprah, Donald Trump, Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Osborns, the Grammy’s, and many other celebrities.

But most importantly are our customers like you. Here we try to give everyone the celebrity treatment. Custom fortune cookies make a great addition to most parties and events and are an economical favor choice since they start at only $38.00 for 100 custom fortune cookies.

We’ve helped the Martha Stewart show, now let us help you!

Thanks Jennifer for letting us provide the cookies for your appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. And congratulations on the success of your book!

Also, thank you to the producers of the Martha Stewart Show for letting us supply the cookies!


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