Mardi Gras Celebration Ideas

Mardi Gras King Cake

Mardi Gras King Cake

Since I brought a very large King Cake into the office today, and have been munching on it throughout the day, I am doing a Mardi Gras post. Happy Fat Tuesday!!!!!

Here are some fun and unique ideas to incorporate into any Mardi Gras celebration.

Try a unique invite to your party. Sometimes especially on festive occasions, you need a unique invite for your guests. Consider personalized fortune cookies as a unique way to send out your invites. Fancy Fortune Cookies even has Mardi Gras colors in fortune cookies. Yellow is a Lemon cookie, Green can be Mint, and Purple is a Fruit Punch flavor.

Since the cookies come with your sayings inside, you can write the info for your party. When, Where, RSVP, and Dress!

If you don’t think they are the right invite, then consider using them at your party. They can be filled with fun stuff to inspire conversation – like at a mixer. Or even fun Mardi Gras facts! You can even use them as little take-home favors for all of your guests.

Maybe you aren’t throwing the party but have been invited and don’t want

Giant Mardi Gras Fortune Cookie

Giant Mardi Gras Fortune Cookie

to show up empty handed. Perhaps you need to send a fun thank you gift. A giant Mardi Gras fortune cookie with a custom message inside makes a great gift for the host or hostess.

The Giant Mardi Gras Fortune cookie even makes a great centerpiece. If you are having a costume competition then it can even be a prize for the winner.

There you have it, Mardi Gras custom fortune cookies.

Now go eat some king cake.


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