Love Them Up – Keep Them Forever

Received this great feedback from a customer today who also did a post about great customer service on her blog. Lori’s company is “Love Them Up & Keep Them Forever.” And judging by the content of her blog all on Customer Service Through Connection, she has a lot of useful skills and advice to offer individuals and business owners.

What do you think is going to differentiate you and your company from all the other businesses and sales people offering the same things???

Customer Service

Right now the only thing that is going to differentiate and put you one step above your competition is your level of customer service. You may get a customer to be your customer one time through mediocre service, but you won’t keep your customer as a customer for very long.

Here is a link to Love Them Up & Keep Them Forever.

Keeping your customers coming to you again and again is the most valuable long term investment you can make. It’s the LIFETIME value of the client that matters. You can’t be depending on the one time transaction.

Here is Lori’s response to the survey she writes about in her blog:

Hi Erin ~ I’m so sorry that I neglected to respond to your survey. I was so pleased to receive it that I wrote about it on my customer service blog at It’s a great example of how to let customers know you care about their needs and to get the much-needed feedback that helps you keep things running smoothly. The fortune cookies worked out wonderfully for us. We didn’t use them for an event, we used them for a promotion. I’m a big fan of “guerilla marketing” and the cookies went out with a video demo reel of our tv studio’s work. Our clients have responded wonderfully and I’ll personally send you a sample of how we used them. Thank you so much for your lovely follow up. Take care, Lori Jo Vest Managing Director Communicore Visual Communications Check out our youtube channel at

Thank your clients! Once you bond and actually get the transaction, it’s little things that make the difference. Send a thank you note. If it’s a big deal, send them a little gift. And make it something that will stand out and really be noticed. Like personalized fortune cookies. Or a giant fortune cookie. Give them a reason to want to do business with you again, and again and again and again.

That’s the only way to build a successful business and keep it from failing.


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