Unique Business Cards that Get Almost Unbeleivable Results

Right now in this economy, every one is looking for new ways to breakthrough the clutter. Relationship Marketing is the only type of marketing that really counts right now. But how can you stand out enough to begin building a relationship with a new prospect.

Mark, at Rescue Marketing posted a great little blog post back in October that really drives this point home. Our business is made up of about 90% referrals and direct traffic. So we are HUGE fans of Relationship Marketing here. And yes, I know our site is aging… Fast.

Fortune Cookie Marketing

Fortune Cookie Marketing

We have been on the internet since 1990, before most people knew what the internet was. In spite of our “aging site” we have done business with people like Oprah, Donald Trump, Ozzy, Conan, and too many fortune 500 and fortune 100 to list. For you direct marketers out there – because we really are a direct marketing company, our vehical just happens to be an innocent looking fortune cookie – it has been our pleasure to work with marketers like Chet Holmes, Alex Mandossian, Paul Lemberg, Seth Godin, Bob Proctor and many more just like Mark.

Fortune Cookies are just that – a marketing tool. A chance to get noticed. To break out of the herd mentality and get on the path of growing your business. Use them to educate your prospects and clients about what you do. Maybe you clean carpets and want to let people know that you also clean grout and tile. Or are you a ghostwriter who can put together more than just articles. You can use a clever marketing tool to the get the message across without being “sales-y”!

Mark, thank you for using us as a teaching tool. And for spurring us forward to re-skin our site yet again. We know exactly where you are coming from and are headed toward and would be honored to contribute to your book, blog or other projects you have in the mix anytime in any way.


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