Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Rave About

Come on guys! Listen up…. or read up since this is a blog. Chocolates, us girls have all gotten those before. Flowers, yawn. Electronics, unless your gal is queen of the video games, please don’t. Lotions & candles, those are what you get the sister-in-law you know nothing about. Jewelery, let’s face it, none of us have the budget for that right now.

So here are some alternative Valentine’s day gifts that will knock her socks off – and maybe even knock her pants off! šŸ˜‰

Option one is something she will never expect but will remember for many Valentine’s to come. In fact the only downside to this Valentine’s gift is it might be hard to top next year. Imagine giving her 100 personalized fortune cookies with your predictions for your future together inside, quotes of love and romance, or even little messages that list things you love about the woman in your life! Like I said hard to top next year. The best part is you can get 100 personalized fortune cookies from Fancy Fortune Cookies for only $38.00 OR you can do their famous flavored and colored fortune cookies for $45.00 per 100 – but this gift looks like it cost a “fortune”! Perhaps you need something a little more unusual for your sweetie, then consider having custom fortune cookies dipped in decadent dark chocolate! A natural aphrodisiac. (Use coupon code “esurvey” for a 10% discount)

If you want to giver her something fun and unique, that isn’t as tired as chocolates or uncreative as flowers, then consider a unique edible gift that she has never seen the likes of before. A giant fortune cookie! has the largest giant fortune cookies in America and possibly the world. Each hand made giant fortune cookie is dipped in the finest milk, white, or dark chocolate and come decorated just for your Valentine. Your personalized message, or fortune rather, comes inside the cookie just like a regular fortune cookie and eliminates the need to buy a card. As far as I know they are also the only giant fortune cookie seller that makes their own cookies – meaning they are fresh for your sweetie, and taste great too! Also they ship to Canada. So if you are looking for a giant fortune cookie gift to go to Canada take a look at their site.

There you have it. Two great Valentine’s gift ideas that will warm her heart and give you both a fun, memorable bonding time.

If you are considering proposing Fancy Fortune Cookies specializes in “Will you marry me?” fortune cookies. They have even put customers actual engagement rings into their fortune cookies along with the custom proposal! How cool is that?!?


One response to “Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Rave About

  1. I was speechless it is the most amazing gift. Personalized gifts are always better, they come from the heart. Anyone can go to the mall and pick up a sale item or a CD, make it count. Good Luck! and Good Fortune!!!

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