Give The Gift of Good Fortune This Holiday Season

This holiday season it seems like budgets are smaller and time is tighter, yet we all still want to give a gift that creates a memory we can treasure and share forever.

I just spent Thanksgiving with my mom and it really felt like every moment was rushed and hurried. After four and a half days at her house, I still feel like I didn’t really get much meaningful time with the the family. For Christmas I don’t think I will be traveling. It’s too time consuming, and there is too much laundry to do before and then again after the trip. Instead I think I will send my family each a giant fortune cookie.

There really isn’t anything I can say I really need… and honestly, nothing I want – except maybe a bit more money in the bank – and to create some good, magical holiday memories.

So this year I am sending my family members something unique and a bit different, something that will be a conversation piece and hopefully a fun memory we can recall in the coming years.

What is this unique gift? Well, it’s an edible gift, it’s filled with good fortune, it’s ancient and Chinese… Yep a giant fortune cookie!

Giant fortune cookie compared to a traditional fortune cookie.

Giant fortune cookie compared to a traditional fortune cookie.

And inside each cookie I will put a message to tell them just how special they are to me and WHY they are special to me. I learn from them. My three brothers, my mom, my dad, my new step-mom and two step-brothers all have something to teach me about who I am. They bring things up from the past that I have forgotten and that reminds me of who I was and shows me who I have grown to be. They each have behaviors and attitudes I hope I never develop, and at the same time they often surprise me with their generosity and thoughtfulness… and show me attributes I hope to cultivate in myself.

Mostly they make me laugh and feel deeply grateful for all that I am, all that I have, and all I will be. I love them. I wouldn’t live any closer to them.

So I will send them good fortune in a giant fortune cookie this year. Maybe a holly and berry giant fortune cookie, or the gingerbread giant fortune cookie I talked about last week. Hopefully this will give them something unique and fun to think and share and of course gobble down…


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