Stand Out From the Crowd With Unique Holiday Gifts

Here’s a new thought for holiday gifting as I see it. This year you are probably busier than ever, want to spend less money than ever, and therefor want to make this holiday season about something bigger than just presents under the tree.

To me, it really seems that this Christmas is different. It seems that family is important again, and that time with friends is more important than it has been in the past. Maybe, it’s just me. Maybe having my first child has given me a different perspective, or maybe the global economy changes have left us all a little scared… a little shaken.

Maybe we are getting a view into what life would be like if we can’t afford all the conveniences we have grown so accustomed to. Who really needs to spend $2.13 on a cup of coffee anyway!

Let me present an alternative. Get something that can be shared, something with personality and spunk. Maybe for you fortune cookies sound weird and too untraditional… Wait ’til I tell you these fortune cookies are RED and GREEN, they aren’t regular boring cardboard tasting chewy Confucius spouting fortune fortune cookies. Nope these are holiday bespeckled fortune cookies!

They come dipped in milk, dark and white chocolate, with messages of comfort and joy inside. Not to mention hope for a bright new year. They are individually wrapped so they won’t rot like pears, or turn stale like popcorn. Try them, but only if you want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered once the holiday colored glasses come off, and the tinsel is out by the side of the road.

For the corporate crowd, you can select the original vanilla holiday decorated fortune cookies, or choose from fortune cookies in flavors and colors that tie in with your corporate colors. Green Minty Mint fortune cookies, Brown Sweet Cappuccino fortune cookies, Red Wild Cherry fortune cookies, Orange Outrageous Orange fortune cookies that will compliment most any logo or corporate colors.

The best part is, each Fancy Fortune Cookie gift includes a free personalized logo or photo message card. Take the challenge, be different, stand apart from the crowd.


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