5 Unique & Fun Ideas for Using Fortune Cookies

Do you get tired of seeing the same old idea again and again? Well here are 10 new ideas for everyday promotions and events that all involve using personalized fortune cookies. The best part about it, is fortune cookies are super economical and guaranteed to be read!

1. Party Favors – Use custom fortune cookies to cleverly thank your guest, share some anictdotes, promote a cause, or just express yourself.

2. Fundraising – Fortune cookies are a unique way to build awareness about your favorite cause. Because they are economical and memorable, they make great favors for fundraising dinners and events since you can put a few different messages inside. Both Donald Trump and Oprah have used Fancy Fortune Cookies(tm) to promote their favorite charities.

3. Client Thank Yous – Use giant fortune cookies to “thank” your valued customers and ask for referrals in a fun way.

4. In-House Corporate Promotions/Parties – Keep your company’s latest campaign slogan or motivational quotes in your employees minds and mouths! The holiday season is coming up, and fortune cookies give you the opportunity to spread the message and the holiday cheer.

5. Giveaway a Prize – Personalize your fortune cookies, but also have a giveaway! Whether you have 2 or 10 things to giveaway you decide how many “winners” there will be. Your contest can be for boosting trade-show traffic, raising money by selling the cookies, or any other contest type and fortune cookies are a great new idea.



One response to “5 Unique & Fun Ideas for Using Fortune Cookies

  1. HI! Those are just gorgeous…cookies with messages…It can’t get cooler than that. Congratulations, you have a great product that looks so trendy. They must be a hit at parties. Wish you the best of luck and abundance.


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