Spooktacular Fortune Cookie Halloween Treats

That’s right. Halloween fortune cookies! Don’t think fortune cookies fit in with the scariest season of the year? I certainly didn’t until I saw these fun fortune cookies that come in pumpkin orange and witch hat black!

Whether you are having an adult only costume party or a kid friendly apple bobbing, this year Halloween won’t be complete without some outrageously spooky fortune cookies. The best combo I’ve found is the Outrageous orange fortune cookies dipped in dark chocolate! After all what use is Halloween if you can’t have chocolate.

All the cookies come individually wrapped so they are extra easy to hand out. And the best part is, you can personalize the fortune cookie messages! Try some fun Halloween jokes, spooktacular naughty adult humor, or just be creative and write whatever pops in your head.

If this doesn’t quite fit what you are looking for, here are some other great favor ideas I have found.
1. Other Fun Candy Party Favors
2. Halloween Haystack Favor Bags
3. Family Fun and Party Planning

P.S. Save 15% on your order at Fancy Fortune Cookies with coupon code Holiday15


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