Giant Fortune Cookie Gifts

We all know how hard, hectic and challenging gift giving can be. And the one thing we are all looking for is unique, easy, fast, fun and simple gift giving… I have the answer!

Send them a giant fortune cookie!

Sending a giant fortune cookie is like sending an edible gift that expresses your thoughts & feelings to your friends, family or loved ones in a way they will never forget.

The best part about sending a giant fortune cookie gift, is the foot long personalized message that comes inside. You can put about 60 words on the giant fortune cookie fortune giving you tons of space to tell them just what you are feeling.

Have you ever sent a giant fortune cookie??? If so, to whom, for what occasion and how did they react?

Here are some things that I think giant fortune cookies are great for.
• Birthday wishes
• I love you fortunes
• New baby birth announcements
• Good luck or Good fortune
• Thank You
• Congratulations
• Graduation
• Business gifts
• and so much more…


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