Personalized Fortune Cookies for Baby Showers

Hey all! It’s been a bit since my last post and for that I apologize. Right now I am six months pregnant with my first child and it is tough figuring out everything you need for a newborn. Once you figure it out and get a decent list… it almost seems worse! There are at least a 100 types of strollers, car seats, bottles, swings and bouncers and I am finding it difficult to figure out which one to get.

In the stores, I pull strollers off the shelves, take them apart and put them together again to see how difficult this will be once the baby is here. Then you have your registry, and the baby shower, and the childbirth preparation classes. Wow! I don’t know about you but help would be great.

So below I have put together some links and resources for all the other soon to be moms out there and even for those of you that are moms and have even more to juggle and more experience.

First, lets talk baby showers. Since a baby is the most fortunate gift of all, why not share your good fortune with some personalized fortune cookies! The blueberry fortune cookies are perfect for a boy and the raspberry fortune cookies are SO cute for a little girl! Personalized fortune cookies are great birth announcements, baby shower favors, christening favors, and could even be used for fun baby shower games.

Next week I will have a great list of resources for expectant moms. But something I did run a cross that was pretty cool is Oprah wants you to share what you have been given at your baby showers. The worst gifts and the best gifts.

What is your idea of the PERFECT gift for an expectant mom? Share it with us!

Know a great website for baby gifts? Tell us!


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