Welcome to Indianapolis!

Hey to all you local Hoosiers and Colt’s fans in other states! We are a gourmet fortune cookie bakery based here in Indianapolis and have people coming in daily to pick up orders of custom, gourmet fortune cookies. As many of you know we even have the Colt’s “Horseshoe Blue” fortune cookies that you can customize with your own messages or use our stock Colt’s/sports themed messages. They are PERFECT for the upcoming playoffs, Super Bowl parties (I’m being very optimistic!), local sports bars, and anything football.

If you are NOT a Colt’s fan, we have lots of other flavors and colors of fortune cookies sure to match your favorite team… I won’t be responsible if some Colt’s fortune cookies slip into them though!

Fancy Fortune Cookies is also on the A-LIST of Indiana’s Best Local Businesses. A great local business resource from RTV Channel 6 News.


2 responses to “Welcome to Indianapolis!

  1. You really like fortune cookies, don’t you?

  2. Doesn’t everyone!?!

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