Holiday Gift List… (Early)

Stop wracking your brain for the perfect holiday gifts. That’s what I’m for! Believe me I know that between all the travel, the cooking and the hard-to-buy-for people on our gift lists, sometimes the holidays can feel more like a second job than a fun time.

My family is such a challenge to shop for that I end up agonizing over what to get certain people. Gift cards a great and easy, but are also a bit too impersonal for me to feel comfortable giving, at least most of the time. So, whether you are looking for holiday gift ideas for your corporate clients, friends, co-workers, or the hard-to-buy-for family members here are some great holiday gifts.

And no, they aren’t all fortune cookie related…

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride. Soaring Adventures of America offers hot-air balloon rides for an unforgettable gift. The hour-long hot air balloon rides are a breathtaking adventure as the balloon travels wherever the wind goes – beneath clouds, through mountains and valleys, and over treetops, winding rivers and waterfalls. The recipient will be taken to a designated launch site in their area, where they can watch the balloon being inflated. Rides end with a celebration toast of champagne or fruit juice upon landing, an old French tradition.

2. Giant Fortune Cookies. Give the most “fortunate” gift of all. Giant fortune cookies provide and easy and unique way to send holiday greetings, best wishes, and thoughts for the new year straight from your heart to theirs. A classic, colossal chocolate dipped giant fortune cookie comes elegantly packaged for the holidays and is the perfect solution to your gift giving needs. Plus, since you customize the message inside the cookie, you don’t have to send a card! Add a family photo for $2.50. Mention the blog and get $5.00 off.

3. Alternative Gifts International offers a wide array of global gifts that can be given in the name of your friend or relative. Their partner organizations include 33 projects such as Fuel Efficient Stoves in El Salvador, Conquering Tuberculosis in North Korea, Literacy Training in Senegal, Land Mine Awareness in Vietnam or Organic Gardening in Belize.

4. 2007 Edition Swarovski Snowflake Ornament. It’s crystal, it’s beautiful, it’s a unique ornament that will look great on their tree and be treasured in the years to come. What’s not to love about this holiday gift. Besides, you can never have enough ornaments for your tree!

5. Gift Back. This site has lots of holiday ideas and options. The best part is, you pick the charity of your choice and they give 10% of the purchase price back to the charity you select. How great is that!

6. (Bonus Idea) Gift Cards. Okay, this one isn’t new, but these days money can be tight. Not only can you get them a card to their favorite store so they can pick out the perfect holiday gift of their choice, but in a way gift cards can be a gift of time. Do you know a young married couple, or a couple that doesn’t get to spend a ton of time together? I am sure they would love dinner for two at a good or romantic restaurant. Other ideas: maid service – be careful who you give that to! – gas cards, bookstores, Amazon, and golf courses.


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