Shocking 95% Direct Mail Response

The toughest job most businesses face today is reaching your prospect or target market with with your message. Whether your are trying to generate new business or get people to RSVP for a charity dinner, unless you stand out from the rest of the clutter your prospects will never see it. Let alone respond.

A dimensional mailer, think of an envelope with an ink pen in it, is one of the most effective ways to reach a prospect. I would highly suggest every business owner out there test some sort of dimensional mailer. An average mailer will generate an 8% response rate and ranks 2nd for Return On Investment. So what if you could get a 30% response, or even a 95% response rate?

Don’t believe it’s possible? Keep reading.

Pam Anderson – not of Baywatch fame – from the Indiana Roof Ballroom, one of the Midwest’s premiere entertainment venues and banquet facilities, was looking for a unique way to promote its annual patron’s dinner. She called us and decided to go with our “baby giant” fortune cookies to send out invitations to the event.

Here’s the invitation:

The Astounding Results…

95% Of The 400 People Invited, Responded!!!

A local Indianapolis Star reporter who was covering the event couldn’t believe the claims, so he talked to Pam and was shocked. Even though the RSVP date was over a month and a half away, 95% of the invitees had already responded.

For more tips and tricks on dimensional mailers click here.


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